Dr. David Vitko

BackTrac Back Massager

Want to relieve the underlying cause of your back or neck pain?

The vast majority of back and neck pain comes from 1 of 2 sources:

Too much physical stress and strain. This includes landscaping, construction, athletics, housework, painting, mechanic work, gardening, and so on.
Too little activity. This occurs with computer work, truck driving, couch potatoes, office work, doctors, airline pilots, and executives to name a few.


​Why does the BackTrac Back Massager system work to relieve back pain where others fail?

The BackTrac Back Massager combines 5 clinically proven professional quality methods to correct the cause of back and neck pain.

Deep invigorating massage that quickly relieves and balances tight muscles,
Simultaneous 34-point acupressure to free energy pathways,
Spinal joint adjustment to put motion through spinal joints reducing inflammation,
Longitudinal traction to gently stretch inter-vertebral discs promoting healing,
Strengthening of core muscle groups supporting normal spinal motion.

Whether you need serious help with long-standing back or neck pain, pinched nerves, tight muscles, or simply want to relax and eliminate symptoms of stress, the BackTrac has you covered. Nothing else combines these 5 powerful treatments into 1 simple to use, pleasurable product. If you would like to try it first, visit us at our office at 840 East Park Avenue, Columbiana, OH. You are welcome to give it a good long roll. Feeling is believing. This thing feels great!