Dr. David Vitko

Lose Weight While Gaining Health

There are many ways to lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, most of these methods undermine our health in the process.You could lose weight by eating candy bars if you ate below a given calorie limit. While a weight loss program revolving around eating candy bars may be appealing to many people, the devastating effect of this diet would have long-term health consequences. 

If you are going to the trouble of changing your diet to lose weight, why not eat foods proven to build incredible health in the process?

Dr. Vitko has studied nutrition, weight loss, and the effects on health for more than 30 years. He has struggled to maintain his own weight at times and has seen every gimmick out there. The simple fact is this: To lose weight and keep it off in a way that promotes optimal health, you must learn to love foods that produce this result. Anything short of this may provide rapid weight loss, and a rapid regaining of weight at the end of the diet.

Our patients normally enjoy weight loss in the 2-3 pound per week range over an extended period of time. Importantly, they are taught to enjoy foods that will insure long-term weight maintenance and optimal health without yo-yo dieting.

As an added bonus, our patients also enjoy normalized cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, blood pressure and other benefits documented with blood work. If you want to get off those costly, pesky prescription drugs, we can help. We will work with your Medical Doctor to safely reduce and eliminate these drugs once you have achieved correction of the underlying problem.

Our Weight Loss/Health Restoration Program is designed by Dr. Vitko. He works directly with patients one on one for the entire duration of your program needs. The cost is riduculously low compared to many "off the shelf" weight loss programs. Blood testing is optional for those with existing blood imbalances. Call our office for more information.