Dr. David Vitko

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

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When Dr. Vitko discovered his cholesterol was high he fixed it naturally. You can do the same. Everyone can fix their own cholesterol problem.

You don't just wake up with high cholesterol one day. It builds up gradually over years and decades of time. High cholesterol is not a mystery. We cause our cholesterol to rise by the way we eat. Adjusting our diet to revolve around our natural diet (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, melons and the like), and avoiding injurious foods (animal based foods, sugary/fatty snacks, alcohol, sweet drinks and the like) will correct high cholesterol in the vast majority of people very quickly.

Yes, genetics can play a role. However, it has been Dr. Vitko's experience that while we may have a genetic predisposition towards higher cholesterol, expecially as we age, but a consistent effort dietarily will correct it. This goes for many other health issues. We do share genetics with our family, but we also share dietary habits. We learn the habits from our parents in our youth. Most of these bad habits carry through to our teens, twenties and beyond. Stop blaming your genes and give diet a serious try. You will be amazed at how good you can feel.

Dr. Vitko was so impressed at his results, lowering his total cholesterol 72 points in just 3 weeks, that he wrote a book to share this information with others. The book, Perfect Cholesterol In Just 3 Weeks, Without Drugs! is available as an ebook at many locations online including Click below to reach the Amazon web page. - BUY NOW

Dr. Vitko has learned a lot about how diet affects health from his own personal experiences fasting and eating special controlled diets over the years.

He has also worked very closely with patients. His understanding has helped many people lose weight, lower cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and reduce the need for other medications. The human body is quite capable of repairing itself and maintaining incredible health when fed properly.

If you are local you can stop by our office and see the book for yourself.

At about the time he published the book, Dr. Vitko appeared on a series of morning drive talk radio shows to promote it. One local host suggested they get 10 volunteers to follow the 3 week diet plan in his book. Nine of the ten completed the 3 week plan. All nine had lowered their cholesterol significantly. The average reduction was 70 points in 3 weeks! Perhaps not a scientifically valid study. But, this demonstrated some pretty impressive results. Numerous people have written to Dr. Vitko over the years to thank him for the book and to attest to the fact that the diet does what he claims it does. Check out our blog on this site for more great dietary tips to come!