Dr. David Vitko


I have been seeing Dr. Vitko since Dec last year. Down 20 pds and feeling amazing. No more indigestion, no more achy joints, no more bloating. Who wouldn't want to live a longer, more vibrant life. Anyone looking to live a more healthy lifestyle and not sure where to begin I highly recommend a consultation visit to Dr Vitko. His passion to helping others goes above and beyond any medical Dr I've ever been to. Why not get to the root of your illness and heal your body thru proper nutrition instead of just covering up the symptoms with medications. Thank you Dr Vitko for your support and putting me on the right path to my journey of living a Healthier lifestyle. Thanks. Julie Frederick

Dr. Vitko is a life-saver in restoring my health! Lumps were appearing all over my body without an explanation why. Before seeing Dr Vitko I had testing by two other doctors that prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs without an explanation of why the lumps were appearing. The anti-inflammatory prescriptions did not work and I was getting more lumps. Needless to say, I was feeling helpless and obsessing over the lumps. A very good friend suggested to try Dr. Vitko for help, so I made an appointment. My first appointment I walked in his office a physical and mental mess with lumps, overweight, no energy, depressed and high blood pressure. He immediately did extensive blood work and when the results were back prescribed supplements and a diet tailored to me. Within months the lumps were gone! I’m off my blood pressure meds, 25 lbs. lighter, energy level is back and depression is gone. I still have some weight to lose but throughout this journey Dr. Vitko has been with me every step, helping restore my health! I highly recommend Dr. David Vitko!