Dr. Vitko is a life-saver in restoring my health! Lumps were appearing all over my body without an explanation why. Before seeing Dr Vitko I had testing by two other doctors that prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs without an explanation of why the lumps were appearing. The anti-inflammatory prescriptions did not work and I was getting more lumps. Needless to say, I was feeling helpless and obsessing over the lumps. A very good friend suggested to try Dr. Vitko for help, so I made an appointment. My first appointment I walked in his office a physical and mental mess with lumps, overweight, no energy, depressed and high blood pressure. He immediately did extensive blood work and when the results were back prescribed supplements and a diet tailored to me. Within months the lumps were gone! I’m off my blood pressure meds, 25 lbs. lighter, energy level is back and depression is gone. I still have some weight to lose but throughout this journey Dr. Vitko has been with me every step, helping restore my health! I highly recommend Dr. David Vitko!